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God is Love
There is confusion and misunderstanding in the world. Young people are taught by “self-styled” prophets that it is OK to kill your neighbor. That God says so.

The “prophets” say that they are in contact with God and that they have support for their words in the Holy Scripture.
God is Love. God is Life. God is all there is. Like the oxygen we are breathing God is for all of us, whether you are poor or rich, whether you are atheist, agnostic or a believer. There are no demands to fulfil.

Religions are created by humans. There are different demands and rules to fulfil to be accepted and to be included as a member of the group.Within the group you feel safe and part of the fellowship. It is "we" and "them" instead of a universal we.
Many people are searching for the meaning of life and young seekers are most open and sensitive. They are searching for their place and role in life. If you are uncertain it is easy to believe in different movements with leaders who promise the moon and who also let the young seeker feel important, valuable and useful.

If the leader of the group is charismatic and dominant there is no space for independence; consequently, the young person or seeker will be the leader´s extended arm and will do what the leader decides. The insecure seeker feels safe with an authority figure "who knows" and makes the decisions. There are many examples throughout history where charismatic leaders have led their “flock” astray, especially political leaders.

The “prophet” who hasn`t searched his or her internal nature projects his fear and anger onto the members of the group to have them express it. It can be expressed through acts of violence, that is, as a suicide bomber to kill themselves and/or other people in the streets. It can be through destruction of buildings and cultural values. This is done in the name of God, as if God wants us to kill ourselves and each others.

There is a universal truth that says: Equal attracts Equal; that Love attracts Love and fear attracts fear.

Our thoughts create a feeling and feelings,like magnets, attract that which has the same vibration. Where Love creates trust, attraction and unity, fear creates suspiciousness and uncertainty that sooner or later leads to disruption.

Heaven is here on Earth! We create it together. With our own thoughts. It is not a place somewhere else, and absolutely not a place where we find ourselves killing our neighbors.

To be able to create peace on earth we have to create peace inside ourselves. We have to look inside and see our holiness. To see that we are perfect in our true selves, but that we have thoughts that deny this.

Apollo´s temple in Greece carries the inscription Know yourself (Gnothi seauton). The philosopher Socrates who lived in the 400th century BC used self-knowledge in his talks with the Athenians. In conversation, he echoed the statement the person had just made, so that person should be conscious about his own thoughts. Socrates wanted thereby to inspire the people around him to critically investigate and analyze prevailing opinions.

Whatever we think and do is mirrored in our surroundings. When we understand this we can come to know our personal situation and the world situation better, and can move to change it according to what is in our hearts. Without this understanding we often try to change the outer reflection instead, which is like trying to change the screen image when we want to change the action, instead of changing inside the film projector.

It is important to have faith. But it is also important to know yourself and to learn to think independently so you can make independent decisions and not be lured into following the ones who are shouting loudest and continually.

The sages usually do not seek power for themselves. In contrast political autocrats and self-styled “prophets” do seek power and profit for themselves.

When we have discovered our true self’s, its perfection and beauty, and have understood that we are controlled by our own thinking, we have found the power to change. When we see our own perfection and beaty, we will also see our neighbor´s.

Love yourself and you will Love your neighbor!

/Lena Brunefors