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There is an awakening and rebellion round the world! In different ways the inner woman shows that she has got enough.
In the text of the back cover to The inner dance the editor Gunilla Boman presents the book:
“If you want to change your life and your relations with other people, it is your inner reality, i.e. your thoughts that you should change. Because what you experience around yourself is a mirror of your inner self. So simple and yet so hard to understand. It is so much easier to put the blame on other people....
No one today can deny that we in the western world value the active, male characteristics the most desirable. To act, give out and lead is something attractive. On the other hand the passive, female principle such as being calm, receiving and being lead, is often seen as something inferior and less valued. Thus there is a great imbalance between the appreciation of male and female principles in the world.
To illustrate this problem on a more concrete level, the author describes the dialogue that is going on all the time within us as a relationship between the inner man and the inner woman. At its best this relationship is like a dance, a flow, where the inner woman feels and the inner man acts in accordance with this feeling. When we experience disharmony between our inner male and female we feel bad and we prevent ourselves from showing our true self. On the exterior level it will manifest in stress, physical and mental illness, bad relations and at worst assaults, war and violence. The more we manage to create a harmonious balance within ourselves, the more it will materialize in our outer world.”

Picture 5 in The inner dance shows how the inner man is battering the inner woman. He knocks her down to silence her and then turns his back to her. He courts and serves only his outer surroundings instead of listen to and co-operate with his woman. In picture 6 the inner woman is fed up. Here she tries to make herself heard in order to get her man´s attention. In the end she screams. Picture 7 shows how the inner woman´s emotional outburst leads to a reaction from the inner man. Through his reaction this outburst becomes visible in the outer sphere. The inner couple now starts to relate to each other in an inner combat, a fight. They are not used to co-operate with each other. This fight must therefore be seen as a good beginning of seeing each other´s existences, a beginning of a wish to get to know each other. In picture 8 the inner man discovers his inner woman. He falls in love! He begins to court her and asks her for a dance. She sees a 'new' man who behaves like a gentleman instead of one who is battering and fighting. After her new discovery the inner woman answers to the inner man´s love and courtship in picture 9. She relaxes and agrees to dance with him. They dance in a dance where they both feel trust for each other. In this dance he is the one who leads and she agrees to be led. Love is in the air. This dance transforms finally into an open dialogue in picture 10. Here the inner man and the inner woman share an open dialogue. They give and take from each other. They have reached the ideal state, a (sexual) intercourse. Through their new open dialogue and thanks to the inner woman's contact with cosmos it is possible for the inner man to manifest in the outer world the highest cosmic wisdom, in word and action.

For a long time the male principal has been prevalent and the intellect has ruled with little influence from feeling and intuition. The inner woman has been suppressed and therefore she is screaming with the hope that the inner man might hear and that it will be a better cooperation between thought and feeling.

Round the world in the Metoo appeal women and also men have given evidence of sexual abuses and harassment. The inner dialogue is in this way mirrored in the outer world. It is time for us to begin to treat ourselves in better ways!

We are all perfect as we are. But many of us are carrying thoughts that contradict this. Thoughts and decisions that we have created through life since childhood. Thoughts that say that I am not OK, I am not good enough, I am wrong. Thoughts that say that I have to do something or to be in a special way to be approved and accepted. All thoughts, conscious and unconscious, that we are carrying are mirrored in the outer world. And if they are loaded with feeling-energy they function as magnets and attract their content.

The goal for the life journey is to understand that my true self is perfect! Therefore we attract situations that correspond to the thought-content because we shall be able to see, meet and understand what we think about ourselves. Then we can consciously change are thoughts and make new “programming”.

That is what is going on in the Metoo revolt. People more and more do understand and realize their own value and they say stop! Enough now. No more violations, no more outrages.

We have to be more true to ourselves. We have to look inside and see our beauty and divinity. When the love for ourselves increases, we will have an inner dance, where thought and feeling cooperate. And finally we´ll get an inner intercourse, where we live in unity with the Universe and we do what is best for the whole. We love ourselves unconditional and by that also our neighbor.

When we know that we are perfect we don´t have to fight with ourselves or with others anymore. The way to come there is self-knowledge which is what the inscription of Apollo temple in Delphi says Know yourself (Gnothi seauton).

Love yourself and you give love to your neighbor!

/Lena Brunefors