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The inner dance in pictures
When the word sometimes confuses, the picture is more explanatory. In my work I often use simply drawn pictures in order to show in an obvious and concrete manner what I intend to say.

Picture 1. Yin/Yang symbol
Picture 2. The child like a sun
Picture 3. The child in a sunflower with the inner girl and the inner boy
Picture 4. Woman and man with the inner man and the inner woman
Picture 5. The inner man battering the inner woman
Picture 6. The inner woman reacts
Picture 7. The inner man hears
Picture 8. The inner man falls in love
Picture 9. The inner woman answers to his love
Picture 10. The ideal picture: The inner man and the inner woman in an open dialogue
Picture 11.The child is formed by its surroundings
Picture 12. Person surrounded by no-thoughts
Picture 13. No-thought is disintegrated and transformed into a yes-thought
Picture 14. A human being who has been cleaned from no-thoughts
Picture 15. Indistinct and distinct person
Picture 16. The physical eye adds colour to our daily life
Picture 17. We live in different mental worlds
Picture 18. Which thoughts, yes- or no-thoughts have predominance in your life?
Picture 19.
Picture 20. Imbalance strives for balance
Picture 21. My encounters as in a mirror
Picture 22. From dependence on mirrors to self-confirmation
Picture 23. We carry our burdens as long as we have the strength
Picture 24. Everything has its time, the seed that grows...
Picture 25. Balance between the intellectual power and the emotional power
Picture 26. Balance: arms and legs in the river of life
Picture 27. Balance on a rope
Picture 28. Balance with a cannonball
Picture 29. Balance: coffee-pot and coffee-cup
Picture 30. The square
Picture 31. The footsteps
Picture 32. An unconscious and a conscious car driver